Online Booking

You have better things to do. With our powerful 24/7 scheduling, spend less time on the phone, and watch the appointments roll in. Your clients can book you from any device using the AutoSpeedster App.

Customer Tracking

AutoSpeedster's customer tracking is designed to help you keep track of detailed information on your clients. Information like vehicles, previous work done, etc and lookup their last and upcoming appointments, this can assist you in giving a personal experience for your clients.


Electronic Vehicle History

Go Paperless! With electronic invoices, you can easily keep track of your customer’s vehicle history to see the previous work done on each vehicle. Each record can be viewed and printed by you and the customer via mobile app.

Notification Services

AutoSpeedster provides a number of notification services such as

  • Informing customers their vehicles are ready for pickup
  • Emailing customers digital copy of their receipts
  • Informing customers of upcoming promotions

Which can be done from any device, phone or tablet.